Workshop med Soham


I am so proud and happy to welcome Soham, owner of Hamsa Yoga Studio in Copenhagen, to Shala Hala.
Soham is one of those Yoga Teachers, who was on the first track who become educated 500-hours Anusara Teacher. Soham have teach over 20 years and if you ask me he is the ”father” of all teachers in Denmark. And his lovely yogastudio in Copenhagen I have been visit many times during my own development phase in the beginning of 2000 century. And I still do. He still work with the thoughts of Anusura but those days Sohams classes are personalized ”Soham classes” which are mixed up with technic, jokes, poetry, myths, music and include much extra stuff from the yogic tradition and culture. He like making people sweat and he always try to spice it all up and for Soham the most important things is to mix his knowledge and humbleness to create a good fun and make people laugh.

Saturday 17 of August
13.00 – 18.00 Gentle Hatha class, philosophy, myth and chant.

The Workshop will be held in english


See you on the mat with ”So Ham”